While using email messages is a simple and easy action, managing the mailboxes for a website could be a tedious procedure. Except, if you have an intuitive interface, just like our Email Account Manager so you will be able to do the job. It includes an abundance of incorporated valuable tools that will help complete elaborate tasks within a few clicks of your computer mouse. Check out precisely what our Email Account Manager is able to do to suit your needs!


Designed to keep spam faraway from you

No one wants unsolicited mail inside the mailbox. This is the reason, we have designed a customizable anti–spam solution based on properly set up sets of rules that separate arriving electronic mail and maintain the trash away.

You may choose between several levels of security, based on what type of unsolicited mail messages you have. Additionally, you can indicate a special volume of spam protection for other mailboxes. Ultimately, you may choose what occurs to e–mails flagged as spam – to be deleted or sent to a given mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Reroute messages from a single email address to a different one

We’ve made it easy for you to forward emails from a mailbox to an alternative one within your cloud hosting account. All you should do is pick the e–mail account that you would like to forward and afterwards fill in the desired mailbox in which you would like each of the messages to be delivered to.

Additionally, you can enable a copy of every forwarded message to be left within the email account that you have got forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mail accounts without hassles

In case you get a good amount of e–mails daily, it is important to keep them arranged. That is why we provide server–side electronic mail filters which come into action even before you look at the mailbox for new mail messages. Hence, in case you set up your unique spam filters, you’ll never find spam inside your mailbox!

Configuring up–to–date e–mail filters is really uncomplicated. You’ll have to define precisely what the filter needs to seek out, the place that the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what happens to the filtered e–mails.

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Email Protection

Email protection with DomainKeys and SPF records

We’ve provided a number of software tools in your Web Site Control Panel that will guard your mailbox from being used for spam functions without you knowing. We have DomainKeys activated for all email accounts by default. This particular service compares the sender’s web address with the email message to guarantee that the sent message originates from that address.

We have furthermore provided SPF protection – a service, which insures your mail accounts from spammers who make use of your mailbox to send e–mail spam on seemingly your account.

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