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New verified QQ Tencent account

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MAKE SURE YOU BUY A QQ ACCOUNT WITH A NEW QQ Tencent ID. or Not an old account.

We guarantee the privacy of QQ accounts, we always put consumers first.

How to Buy verified qq tencent account?
The account we have is an account in general, you can post, chat, but there is no QQ Pay.
If you want to use QQ Pay, please go to a money changer service.

IMPORTANT that this account has not been verified, meaning that we will create a special account according to your identity.

Each country has a different mechanism, please state your country of residence, and the mobile number code.

We’ve proven our technique, and it’s 100% Successful.

See what consumers from our country are saying.

This QQ account, can be used to play online games..
If you are a Gamer, you must have a QQ account.

Work on:

  • QQ App for PC,
  • QQ for Android.


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